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We are a professional hair salon in Selangor, Malaysia that offer haircut, hair colouring, hair rebonding, hair perming, etc.


染发掉色? 头发损伤?折扣超过50%的专业护理疗程,你值得拥有!

11 Mar
现在是街上每一个人都有染发的时代   染发通常都会给形象带来较大改变 这种焕然一新的改变让很多女性向往 简直就像整容一样的效果   所以,虽然你知道染发对头发损伤很大 但是架不住染发之后会变美啊! 还是染了 [...]

OMG!只需付RM68 就能享有一次的高科技纯氧头皮护理!

15 Feb
🏻‍♂️:脱发的问题让我好困扰...我试过了很多方法都找不到解决方案…我灰心了… 🏻‍⚕️:别担心,Sense Of Touch [...]


15 Feb
新年后,我不敢再染头发了,染了之后头发会更加干燥,更损坏又不耐… Sense Of Touch Salon 是走“医美路线”,把顾客头发弄“美丽”的同时也把顾客的头发“损坏度减到最低”。重点是现在还送出了20个免费的Color [...]

【#SS2 最潮医美美发店✨「Sense of Touch」💇 超专业の护理疗程;特别推出 50% 折扣+ FREE 神秘惊喜!🔥】

28 Dec
【#SS2 最潮医美美发店✨「Sense of Touch」💇 超专业の护理疗程;特别推出 50% 折扣+ FREE 神秘惊喜!🔥】 ✨  [...]

Sense Of Touch “韩系无痕全自然发根烫”

25 Jun
头发细软少的苦恼 在之前的留长发还是短发的专题里,很多姑娘也许发现自己是蛮适合侧分的 lob 的,不过一想到要打理,要作出微卷蓬松的造型,再一对比自己的懒癌程度,马上就缴械投降了。 对于细软少的姑娘来说,比较头疼的问题就是头发 [...]


Sense of Touch is a professional salon that provides haircuts, hair colorings and hair treatments. Our salon is located at Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. All customers can be safely assured that all products and equipments used are of premium quality. Come to our salon and be indulged with our implacable services and hairstylists, your experience will surely be a memorable one.


Sense of Touch is an aesthetic & treatment specialty salon. With the believe “healthy hair starts from nourished roots” and “beautiful hair begins with healthy scalp”, the salon ensures every makeover session is a transformation both aesthetically and for the well being of scalp and hair.

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染发掉色? 头发损伤?折扣超过50%的专业护理疗程,你值得拥有!

染发掉色? 头发损伤?折扣超过50%的专业护理疗程,你值得拥有!

Published: 11-Mar-2020

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