About Us

Sense of Touch is more than a salon, it is Malaysia's 1st Treatment and Aesthetic Centre that focuses on scalp treatments that combat hair loss and professional cut and styling techniques to restore the confidence of every client that walks through their door. 


A visit to Sense of Touch is like a visit to a friend's home. You feel at ease, comfortable and taken care of. We've created a place that appeals to the 5 senses. You SEE the friendly faces, stylish interiors and mood lighting. You SMELL the scent of calming aromatherapy. You HEAR the soothing music as you receive your spa treatment. You TASTE the warm beverage during your treatment. We relax you with a gentle, personal TOUCH, tailoring treatments for you. 


Sense of Touch prides itself on the experience. We have designed a 5-star environment with cosy private spa rooms, an entire level dedicated to hairdressing and a VIP section. Our expert consultants always provide 5-star service, making clients feel comfortable, pampered and confident and you get that 5-star experience. We even have 5-star reviews to prove our treatments work. 


Experience 5-star hair health and beauty that pampers and awakens your 5 senses. 


Sense of Touch can Restore Your Confidence!

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