Hair Stylist

Jyason Lee (Founder/Creative Director)

Apple Wong (Spa Director)

Apple has dedicated 10 years of her life into this profession and since then she has gained countless invaluable experiences. Apple is able to pinpoint her customers issues regarding their hair and scalp and execute the most suitable solution for them. She believes that the latest technology and products does not always provide the most suitable solution, whereas invaluable experiences do. Apple emphasizes on the effectiveness of the treatment, focuses on her services and always strives for excellence. If you have any hair or scalp related issue, please do not hesitate to contact Apple, as her services will never disappoint anyone.

Jasmine (Assistant Branch Manager)

Easy-going, friendly and warm are often the words to describe Jasmine. She has been practicing as a hair stylist for over 10 years and even though she has been working as a hair stylist, Jasmine always look for any and every room for improvement in her expertise. She believes that a person’s hair is like plastic surgery as a suitable hair stylist has the ability to change and transform a person’s look for the better immediately. Jasmine is able to bring out the best for all of her customer’s and allow them to boost their confidence through the art of hair styling. If you are looking for an intricate and knowledgeable stylist, then Jasmine would be the perfect person for you.

Bryan Ooi (Branch Manager)

Bryan has been in the hair styling profession for over 10 years and has graduated from a renowned institute in Malaysia. Bryan stated that he only after joining Sense of Touch, he was finally able to learn that what he has learned before in his previous institutes and academies were just scratching the surface of hair styling. Bryan has realized that not many Hair Salons dab into the concept of hair treatment and it was only through joining Sense of Touch he was able to realize the importance of it. Bryan is extremely proud of his growth and capabilities to help his customers solve their problems and give them a brand new and healthy image. Bryan specializes in hair and scalp treatments but he stresses that is his mission to look high and low for the best possible solution for each and every customer

Bryan explains that the combination of spa and hair styling together is still a brand new concept and it is Sense of Touch’s mission to help customers to help elevate the health of their hair and scalp. Sense of Touch has provided their service to many active and famous people on the social media and also welcomes everyone to come and join them.

Vincent Chan (Assistant Branch Manager)

Vincent has been in the profession for over 20 years and has always thought that a hair stylists duty is to just perfect their ability to cut, dye and perm. But ever since Vincent has joined Sense of Touch, he finally realized that in order to become a truly professional hair stylist, one must also perfect their ability to take care of the health of their customers hair and scalp.

Vincent’s journey in Sense of Touch has reminded him of his most challenging hair styles and that the majority of the challenge is due to customers having very thin hair, Vincent’s only solution then was to perm and use chemicals which has the potential to harm his customer’s, but now he knows the correct and safe methods to help his customers.

Now Vincent is not only a professional hair stylist but also a specialized trichologist. He also said that:” if you want to have healthy hair, you must first have a healthy scalp.”

Louis Chung (Stylist . Consultant)

Louis has been in the profession for 6 years and graduated in the Kinmarie Hair Academy and has participated in the L’Oréal color trophy. Louis explained that it was only after joining Sense of Touch that he was able to learn and become an exceptional hair stylist. He also learned that it is his mission to continuously strive for excellence, perfection and also to continuously chase after trends in order to fully satisfy his customers. Louis admits that one of his major strengths is his humor and also promises to provide impeccable services that will guarantee a memorable experience in Sense of Touch.

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